Accommodation Construction


At Santai Sumur Tiga we have successfully incorporated the local businesses and people in the development, design and building of this magnificent resort. Your accommodation consists totally of natural materials bought and manufactured in Aceh Province. The Interior furniture of rotan - manufactured in Biruen. Lampshades from Aceh Besar. Woven floor mats from Pidie. Storage shelves / coffee tables from Biruen. Balcony furniture of bamboo from Sigli. Pillows made in Sabang with local Kapok. Bed linen and curtains made in Banda Aceh. Timber for floors from Meulaboh. Rumbiah for walls and roofs from Aceh Besar. Timber structure of Sabang coconut trees. Tissue boxes made by women’s group of Banda Aceh.





Our Bungalows, each with its own private, furnished balcony and fitted hammock, invites you to relax and enjoy the most amazing ocean views on the island. Double or Twin accomodation is available depending on occupancy and each bungalow has its own ensuite bathroom with hot and cold shower. All rooms also have a fridge, roof and or standing fans, reading lamps, a free coffee station, etc. All rooms also have a lock-up safety box to ensure the safety of your valuables. A paddlock can be provided if you don't have your own.


We are fortunate that we don't have a mosquito problem at the resort. In fact many guests sleep in their hammocks on the balconies at night. We do provide a range of repelants in all rooms and mosquito nets are available on request. You are welcome to open your windows and even sleep with your windows open to optimise the natural air flow facilitated by the design of the bungalows.



Family Rooms


Our 3 Family Rooms are beautifully situated on the 3rd level of the main resort building. Each room has a en-suite bathroom with hot and cold shower, fridge, roof or standing fans, water dispenser and coffee and tea station. Our family rooms are very spacious and boasts with a 180 degree view of the beach from the balcony. Our Family Rooms are ideal for families to relax and enjoy all there is to offer at Santai Sumur Tiga.





Rates from 1 April 2014.    




Bungalows (2 adults)                                         Rp290,000 per night

Family units (2 adults 2 kids)(3 adults)              Rp325,000 per night


Extra mattress or extra guest charge:                Rp75,000 per night.


Maximum 3 adults in all rooms at Freddies.


Meals:(Breakfast and dinner Buffet style in the main building restaurant – daily advance booking)


Breakfast (from 0730 to 1000)                Rp35,000 per person (0630 for early departures to ferries)

Dinner (starters served 1930)                 Rp65,000 per person

Our ala carte Beach Restaurant is open from 0900 to 2200.


Transport: (as prescribed by the Taxi Association)


From the ferry to the resort                    Rp30,000 per person

From the resort to the ferry                    Rp25,000 per person

Full day car rental                                  Rp500,000 (including driver and fuel)

Half day car rental                                  Rp250,000 (including driver and fuel)

Motorbike rental                                     Rp100,000 flat fee


Health Massages:


Rp90,000 for one hour full body massage        

Rp40,000 for a back and neck massage

Rp30,000 for a hands and feet massage.


Children rates for buffet meals:


Under 2 years                             Free

2 to 6 years                                 25%

6 to 12 years                               50%

12 to 16 years                             75%

16 years +                                   Full price


Cancellations policy:


Bookings cancelled one week before planned arrival                            =  No Charge

Bookings cancelled up to 3 days before planned arrival                        = 50% of room rate

Bookings cancelled less than 3 days before planned arrival                = 75% of room rate.

The above policy will only apply if I don’t succeed to find a replacement booking.


Special discounted rates will apply for group bookings and workshops / meetings.


Long stay (more than 3 nights) discount of 5% on accommodation charges.


More  than 7 nights 10% discount on accommodation charges. 


Please Note:Please note that these rates exclude government tax